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This section is a special shopping area in which you can find seasonal specials, closeouts, special buys and other great deals. Feel free to browse the categories and see what stock is is available this month!

part no mfg price qty description cond.
10L1402 Lenovo $12.00 154 IBM THINKPAD T20/21 INVERTER 13.3/14.1 REF
13R1015 Lenovo $15.00 2 TP T61 15.4 Inverter card TW Sumida REF
26P8295 Lenovo $20.00 2 IBM TP T30 MINI PCI 802.11B/V.92 REF
26P8419 Lenovo $15.00 3 IBM TP T30 Inverter Card REF
26P8442 Lenovo $20.00 2 IBM T30 WIRELESS LAN 802.11B/V.92 REF
26P8464 Lenovo $10.00 2 LCD Inverter IBM ThinkPad T40 T41 T42 26P8464 REF
26P8520 Lenovo $15.00 2 THINKPAD T30 MINI PCI 802.11/V.90 MODEM REF
26P9166 Lenovo $16.00 SOLD IBM TP T23 CPU COOLING FAN REF
27K9951 Lenovo $15.00 1 INVERTER CARD SXGA+ UXGA R50 REF
27K9972 Lenovo $15.00 95 IBM TP T43 Inverter card REF
27K9991 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP X41 LCD INVERTER 12.1 REF
27L0519 Lenovo $12.00 9 IBM CABLE ASM LCD 14.1' THINKPAD 2647 REF
27L0549 Lenovo $12.00 1 IBM TP I1300/1200 13.3" TFT LCD Cable Asm. REF
27L0562 Lenovo $12.00 1 CABLE LCD TPAD T20 13.3" REF
27L0640 Lenovo $12.00 9 LCD CABLE ASSY 14.1 (XGA) T22/T23 REF
27L0705 Lenovo $12.00 3 IBM TP T30 14.1 XGA CABLE ASM REF
27R1921 Lenovo $50.00 1 X40 SBO CEN 1.0GHZ w 256MB RAM 93P4209    REF
31P9831 Lenovo $15.00 1 IBM 256MB PC2700 CL2.5 SODIMM REF
39T0030 Lenovo $12.00 2 INTERPOSER CARD R50 R51 T4x REF
39T0368 Lenovo $15.00 1 IBM 15" XGA/SXGA+ LCD INVERTER CARD THINKPAD R50E/R51E/R52 REF
39T2681 Lenovo $15.00 4 TP T60 T61 DVD-ROM, 9.5MM REF
39T2683 Lenovo $15.00 5 TP T61 Z61 DVD-ROM, 9.5MM REF
39T2685 Lenovo $15.00 1 IBM T61/p DVD/CD-RW combo drive, 9.5 mm PCC (UJDA775 UBSS) REF
39T2705 Lenovo $22.00 1 T60 T60P/R60 HDD 80GB 5400RPM 2.5" SATA 9.5MM REF
39T5578 Lenovo $22.00 4 T61 ThinkPad 11a/b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Adapter REF
39T5699 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP X60/X60S 12.1" INVERTER REF
39T7492 Lenovo $12.00 1 TP T500 W500 SPEAKER ASM REF
39T9895 Lenovo $25.00 1 Fan for R51e (NON ROHS) REF
40Y7696 Lenovo $20.00 6 ThinkPad 65W Ultraportable AC Power Adapter REF
40Y8403 Lenovo $30.00 3 IBM TP T61/p 1GB PC2-5300 CL5 DDR2 SODIMM  40Y8403 REF
41V9756 Lenovo $6.00 200 RUBBER, HDD RAILS REF
41V9930 Lenovo $8.00 7 T60 CARDBUS SLOT REF
41W1027 Lenovo $20.00 8 INTEL PRO WIRELESS 3945ABG LAN ADAPTER T60 REF
41W1478 Lenovo $15.00 31 TP T61 Inverter card (Foxconn) REF
41W1479 Lenovo $15.00 41 T400 Inverter card REF
41W1482 Lenovo $20.00 4 R500 Inverter card REF
41W4855 Lenovo $45.00 1 Lenovo ThinkPad Z61t LCD front bezel without camera, stereo microphones REF
42T0152 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP X60/X60S 12.1" INVERTER REF
42T0484 Lenovo $110.00 2 Lenovo T500 T61 LCD panel, 15.4-in. WXGA 42T0323 REF
42T0488 Lenovo $115.00 6 TP T61 R61 T500  LCD PANEL, 15.4" WSXGA+ REF
42T0510 Lenovo $85.00 1 TP X200/X200x/X201/X201x 12.1" WXGA CCFL BACKLIGHT REF
42T0597 Lenovo $75.00 9 TP T400 T61 LCD PANEL, 14.1" WXGA+ REF
42T0699 Lenovo $85.00 57 LENOVO LCD 14.1 WXGA LED BACKLIGHT FOR T400/R400 NEW
42T0701 Lenovo $85.00 1 T400 R400 14.1" 42T0701 WXGA LED LCD LP141WX5 (TL) (P2) NEW
42T0703 Lenovo $85.00 65 TP T400 R400 14.1 inch WXGA (1280x800) NEW
42T0853 Lenovo $15.00 4 TP T60 X60Intel PRO Wireless 3945ABG PCI Express Mini Card REF
42T0873 Lenovo $30.00 6 LENOVO TP T61 INTEL KEDRON 802.11A/B/G WLAN ADAPTER 4965AGN ( REF
42T0907 Lenovo $22.00 2 TP T61 TURBO MEMORY CARD, 1GB REF
42T0969 Lenovo $15.00 223 TP W500 BLUETOOTH 2.1 ADAPTER FRU REF
42T0991 Lenovo $10.00 2 TP T500 Intel Turbo Memory Minicard, 2GB (half size) REF
42T1465 Lenovo $25.00 1 IBM/LENOVO TP 160GB 7200 RPM SATA 2.5" HDD REF
42T1491 Lenovo $22.00 1 TP T61 HDD, 80GB 5400RPM REF
42T1579 Lenovo $35.00 3 LEN TP 160GB 54K HDD 2.5 INCH SATA REF
42T2501 Lenovo $21.00 2 TP T61 Super Multi-Burner Ultrabay Slim Drive REF
42T2533 Lenovo $15.00 94 THINKPAD R400 DVD DRIVE SATA REF
42T2537 Lenovo $20.00 12 Lenovo ThinkPad DVD Burner Ultrabay Enhanced REF
42T2543 Lenovo $26.00 33 T400 DVD/CD-TRW combo drive, 9.5 mm REF
42T2545 Lenovo $25.00 53 TP DVD+RW CDRW BURNER T500 W500 REF
42T2551 Lenovo $25.00 61 TP T500 W500 DVD-RAM/RW drive, 9.5 mm REF
42T2557 Lenovo $25.00 17 DVD-RAM/RW drive, 9.5 mm for T400 REF
42T2561 Lenovo $25.00 21 THINKPAD R400 DVD DRIVE SATA REF
42T2563 Lenovo $25.00 1 THINKPAD R400 DVD DRIVE SATA REF
42T2596 Lenovo $25.00 1 Lenovo SL500 DVD Unit 42T2596 Multi Burner REF
42T2599 Lenovo $25.00 44 T400 T500 W500 W700 DVD Burner 45N7451 42T2599 REF
42T2603 Lenovo $25.00 10 LENOVO T400S DVD-RAM DRIVE REF
42T3106 Lenovo $12.00 50 TP T400 Integrated camera REF
42T4419 Lenovo $12.00 2 AC ADAPTER, 65W THINKPAD X200 X201 T410 REF
42T4423 Lenovo $12.00 2 AC ADAPTER 65W 20V 2 PIN REF
42T4653 Lenovo $35.00 SOLD TP T61 T400 Battery pack, Li-ion (6 cell, 2.6 Ah) REF
42T4677 Lenovo $35.00 SOLD TP T61 T400 Battery pack, Li-ion (6 cell, 2.6 Ah) REF
42T4678 Lenovo $35.00 SOLD TP T61 T400 Battery pack, Li-ion (6 cell, 2.6 Ah) REF
42W2225 Lenovo $30.00 8 Keyboard bezel assembly (14.1 inch LCD models) 39T7461 REF
42W2442 Lenovo $12.00 1 TP T61 LCD cover kit with IBM logo REF
42W2451 Lenovo $12.00 13 TP T61 HINGE, PAIR 14.1 WIDE REF
42W2464 Lenovo $12.00 25 TP T61 BEZEL, KEYBOARD 44C0506 REF
42W2488 Lenovo $22.00 35 MAGNESIUM STRUCTURE FRAME T61- 14.1 REF
42W2492 Lenovo $22.00 SOLD TP R61 Magnesium structure frame REF
42W2496 Lenovo $12.00 1 TP T61 COVER, HDD 14.1 44C4810 REF
42W2501 Lenovo $18.00 19 TP T61 14.1 STRUCTURE FRAME, LCD REF
42W2535 Lenovo $15.00 1 IBM Lenovo X60 X61 Tablet LCD Top Cover REF
42W2609 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP T61 HDD Cover 15.4 LCD REF
42W2676 Lenovo $28.00 1 TP R61 FAN, THERMAL DEVICE REF
42W3436 Lenovo $12.00 85 T400 PC Card/ExpressCard slot REF
42W3660 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP T61 KB BEZEL 15.4 INCH MODELS REF
42W3690 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP T61 15.4 COVER, BASE-6457 45N4004 REF
42W3691 Lenovo $15.00 1 LENOVO TP T61/P Base cover assembly for 6458 REF
42W3692 Lenovo $15.00 1 Base cover assembly for 6459 REF
42W3697 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP T61 Base cover assembly for 6463 45N4011 REF
42W3699 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP T61 Base cover assembly for 6465- 45N4013 REF
42W7655 Lenovo $25.00 2 LENOVO TP T61 T7300 (2.0 GHz) Core 2 Duo SLA45 800FSB 4MB CACHE REF
42W7988 Lenovo $30.00 1 INTEL CORE2 DUO  T9600 2.8Ghz SLB47 REF
42W8052 Lenovo $20.00 2 TP X200 TAB LCD INVERTER REF
42W8084 Lenovo $15.00 3 TP X200 TAB MICRO PROCESSOR CARD REF
42W8131 Lenovo $165.00 4 TP T500 W500 System board assembly, AMD M86 256 MB, AMT 63Y1433 REF
42W8194 Lenovo $32.00 4 CPU assembly, Intel Core 2 Duo processor P8700 (2.53 GHz) SLGFE REF
42W8229 Lenovo $15.00 121 TP T400 R400 LED SUB CARD REF
42W8231 Lenovo $15.00 151 TP T400 R400 LED sub card REF
42W8287 Lenovo $20.00 2 INTEL CORE2 DUO P8600 SLGFD 2.40 REF
42W8289 Lenovo $25.00 1 Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T9400 6M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB SLG REF
42X3802 Lenovo $22.00 1 Keyboard Bezel Palmrest X61 X60 REF
42X3832 Lenovo $12.00 30 TP T61 T400 R61 R400 ExpressCard/Smart Card slot REF
42X3915 Lenovo $12.00 1 TP T61 LCD magnesium structure frame REF
42X3916 Lenovo $22.00 1 LENOVO T61 15.4 LCD STRUCTURE FRAME REF
42X3919 Lenovo $12.00 2 T500 W500 SIM card slot REF
42X4811 Lenovo $12.00 1 T500 W500 LCD REAR Cover Lid REF
42X4840 Lenovo $12.00 4 TP T400/R400 MAGNESIUM STRUCTURE FRAME REF
42X4843 Lenovo $12.00 39 LENOVO T400 KEYBOARD BEZEL REF
42X4854 Lenovo $12.00 4 TP R400 STRUCTURE FRAME REF
42X4993 Lenovo $12.00 SOLD ExpressCard/7-in-1 Media Card Reader slot REF
42X5063 Lenovo $30.00 1 T400 Thermal device and fan (Integrated graphics) REF
42X5065 Lenovo $15.00 9 Thermal device and fan (Integrated graphics) UBE for R400 REF
42X5088 Lenovo $15.00 1 T400 CPU FAN/Heatsink 42X5088 42X5089 REF
42X5115 Lenovo $15.00 4 TP T500/W500 HEATSINK/FAN ASSY REF
43Y6477 Lenovo $25.00 2 TP X201 X301 Ericsson F3507g USA - Wireless WAN card REF
43Y6493 Lenovo $12.00 44 LENOVO T400 INTEL WIFI LINK 5100 43Y6461 REF
43Y6495 Lenovo $20.00 18 WLAN INTEL 5300 CARD W500 X200 X301 REF
43Y6517 Lenovo $25.00 SOLD Lenovo 512AN MMW 5100 Half Mini Pci-e WLAN Card REF
43Y6523 Lenovo $18.00 5 Intel Turbo Memory Minicard, 2GB (half size) 42T0991 ROBSON CARD REF
43Y6553 Lenovo $20.00 1 ThinkPad 11b/g/n Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Express Adapter II 60Y3177 REF
43Y9640 Lenovo $22.00 2 T400 LCD bezel assembly without camera REF
43Y9643 Lenovo $15.00 162 TP R400 T400 LCD Hinges REF
43Y9645 Lenovo $15.00 1 T400 LCD magnesium structure frame assembly REF
43Y9651 Lenovo $12.00 74 TP T400 Keyboard bezel assembly REF
43Y9652 Lenovo $22.00 38 Magnesium structure frame (T400) REF
43Y9653 Lenovo $22.00 15 LENOVO R400 Series Magnesium Frame REF
43Y9654 Lenovo $12.00 359 T400 HDD COVER W/ SCREW REF
43Y9664 Lenovo $22.00 1 TP T400 Base cover assembly for 6474 REF
43Y9678 Lenovo $15.00 8 R400 7439 HDD Cover REF
43Y9973 Lenovo $175.00 1 TP X301 SU9400 1.4GHz SYSTEM BOARD 43Y9973 60Y3785 63Y1308 REF
43Y9992 Lenovo $105.00 1 TP T500 System board assembly, AMD M86 256 MB, non-AMT, TPM 63Y142 REF
44C0670 Lenovo $22.00 3 TP R500 Palm rest assembly with fingerprint reader   REF
44C0825 Lenovo $22.00 1 TP T61 14.1 Thermal device and fan (Integrated) UBS for T series REF
44C0826 Lenovo $22.00 1 TP T61 Heatsink And Fan ASM REF
44C2011 Lenovo $15.00 12 TP T500 LCD cable assembly 15.4"WSXGA+,+BT,+CAM REF
44C2541 Lenovo $22.00 1 LCD Cable REF
44C5362 Lenovo $20.00 22 TP T400 CABLE, LCD W/CAMERA & BT REF
44C5363 Lenovo $16.00 466 T400 LCD cable assembly without camera, with Bluetooth REF
44C5385 Lenovo $15.00 3 TP T500 W500 LCD cable assembly REF
44C9555 Lenovo $15.00 1 X200 DIMM COVER REF
44C9559 Lenovo $22.00 1 TP X200 Base cover assembly REF
44C9562 Lenovo $22.00 1 TP X200 Base cover assembly REF
44C9567 Lenovo $12.00 3 TP R500 LCD Cover Kit REF
44C9568 Lenovo $25.00 2 TP R500 LCD bezel assembly REF
44C9572 Lenovo $24.00 4 R500 Structure Frame REF
44C9573 Lenovo $15.00 4 R500 HDD Cover REF
44C9909 Lenovo $22.00 2 X200 CCFL-backlight LCD cable asm w/ Bluetooth connector, w/ camera REF
44C9983 Lenovo $15.00 9 TP T400S LCD CABLE WXGA+ REF
45M2613 Lenovo $22.00 64 TP R400 T400 LCD magnesium structure frame assembly REF
45M2653 Lenovo $20.00 5  T400S T410S LCD front bezel 45M2653 REF
45M2654 Lenovo $12.00 9 T400S T410S Series laptop LCD set Hinges REF
45M2671 Lenovo $25.00 2 TP T400S HDD COVER ASM + DIMM COVER REF
45M2722 Lenovo $35.00 1 TP T410 Fan assembly, discrete REF
45M2773 Lenovo $15.00 2 LENOVO TP T400S/T410S LED BOARD REF
45N0122 Lenovo $20.00 2 X120 65W 20V 2-PIN AC ADAPTER REF
45N0312 Lenovo $25.00 1 TP T410 Liteon 90W 2pin AC ADAPTER REF
45N3128 Lenovo $20.00 2 Lenovo Thinkpad X200 Tablet X200t Palmrest REF
45N3135 Lenovo $15.00 2 X200 TABLET HDD COVER W/ SCREW REF
45N3831 Lenovo $28.00 5 TP W500 FRAME, STRUCTURE REF
45N4825 Lenovo $125.00 2 Lenovo ThinkPad T400 Replacement 14.1 WXGA LCD Complete Assembly REF
45N5492 Lenovo $15.00 10 TP T500 W500 Thermal device and fan (Discrete) REF
45N5499 Lenovo $15.00 23 TP T500 W500 Keyboard bezel assembly REF
45N5612 Lenovo $12.00 69 Lenovo Thinkpad R400 Cooling Fan Heatsink REF
45N5614 Lenovo $12.00 10 Lenovo Thinkpad R400 Cooling Fan Heatsink REF
45N5711 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP T400 FAN, THERMAL DEVICE REF
45N5857 Lenovo $20.00 39 TP R400 T400 LCD bezel assembly without camera REF
45N5858 Lenovo $25.00 9 TP T400 LCD bezel assembly with camera for LED-backlight LCD REF
45N5859 Lenovo $12.00 20 TP T400 R400 LCD bezel assembly without camera for LED-backlight LCD REF
45N6140 Lenovo $15.00 12 TP T400 Thermal device and fan (Integrated graphics) REF
45N6142 Lenovo $22.00 45 Thinkpad T400 R400 Fan Heatsink 45N6142 45N6143 REF
45N6144 Lenovo $15.00 2 TP T400 HEATSINK FAN ASM REF
45N6146 Lenovo $15.00 3 TP T400 FAN, THERMAL DEVICE REF
45N7451 Lenovo $22.00 10 DVD-RAM/RW drive REF
45N7453 Lenovo $22.00 5 DVDRW SATA SLIM THINKPAD T410,X200,X201,T400s,T410s,T410si REF
45N7457 Lenovo $22.00 2 Lenovo T400S T410 T410S T410SI DVD-RW SATA Burner Multi IV Disk Drive REF
45N7483 Lenovo $12.00 19 TP R400 DVD-ROM X8 12mm REF
60Y3231 Lenovo $35.00 2 TP T510 Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 WIRELESS CARD REF
60Y3263 Lenovo $75.00 3 Lenovo Gobi2000 3G WI FI WWAN Card GPS 60Y3263 60Y3183 REF
60Y3879 Lenovo $155.00 1 TP  X200 TABLET SL9400 (1.86GHz) MOTHERBOARD SYSTEMBOARD REF
60Y4609 Lenovo $12.00 3 LENOVO X200 X201 Tablet hinge REF
60Y4616 Lenovo $15.00 3 THINKPAD X200 12.1" WXGA LED LCD CABLE REF
60Y4680 Lenovo $12.00 2 X200 Tablet LCD Rear Cover REF
60Y4871 Lenovo $12.00 9 TP T400S BASE COVER ASM 2815 REF
60Y5462 Lenovo $22.00 4 TP T410 LCD rear cover assembly REF
60Y5464 Lenovo $20.00 4 TP T410 LCD bezel assembly REF
60Y5471 Lenovo $25.00 1 TP T410 Base cover assembly REF
60Y5472 Lenovo $20.00 5 TP T410 Magnesium structure frame assembly REF
60Y5484 Lenovo $20.00 1 T510 HINGE KIT REF
60Y5496 Lenovo $22.00 1 TP T510 Magnesium structure frame REF
60Y5500 Lenovo $20.00 1 T510 Hard disk drive cover REF
60Y5610 Lenovo $22.00 11 T410s T400s T410si Top LCD Rear Cover REF
60Y9402 Lenovo $12.00 1 INTEGRATED CAMERA REF
63Y1076 Lenovo $88.00 2 PLANAR, 1.86GHZ SL9400 for ThinkPad X200s REF
63Y1487 Lenovo $110.00 1 T410 T410i System board assembly, discrete graphics 256 MB, iAMT, non-T REF
73P3842 Lenovo $12.00 8 ThinkPad T43 R52 512MB PC2-4200 CL4 DDR2 SODIMM REF
73P3843 Lenovo $12.00 24 512MB PC2-4200 NP DDR2 SDRAM SODIMM MEMO REF
75Y4510 Lenovo $25.00 2 TP T410 HDD cover kit REF
75Y5117 Lenovo $23.00 1 TP DVD R400 8X SATA 12.7mm Optiarc DVD REF
91P6786 Lenovo $12.00 10 IBM TP T40 T41 XGA TFT 14.1 LCD Cable REF
91P6787 Lenovo $12.00 3 IBM TP  T40-T42 LCD CABLE ASSY 14.1 (SXGA) REF
91P6792 Lenovo $12.00 1 TP G-40 15.0" XGA LCD CABLE REF
91P6801 Lenovo $12.00 2 TP R40e LCD Cable assembly (14in XGA, not wireless 20P) w/o Thinklight) REF
91P6846 Lenovo $12.00 1 IBM ThinkPad G40 14.1" XGA LCD Cable 91P6846 REF
91P6858 Lenovo $15.00 1 IBM TP T42p LCD cable assembly UXGA REF
91P6941 Lenovo $12.00 108 TP T43 XGA LCD CABLE 91P6889 REF
91P6942 Lenovo $12.00 31 TP T43 SXGA+ LCD CABLE 91P6890 REF
91P6947 Lenovo $12.00 1 IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T60 14.1 LCD Video Cable REF
91P6984 Lenovo $12.00 11 T60 SXGA+ LCD cable assembly with Bluetooth (14.1in)   REF

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