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part no mfg price qty description cond.
10L1402 Lenovo $12.00 154 IBM THINKPAD T20/21 INVERTER 13.3/14.1 REF
13R1015 Lenovo $15.00 2 TP T61 15.4 Inverter card TW Sumida REF
26P8295 Lenovo $20.00 2 IBM TP T30 MINI PCI 802.11B/V.92 REF
26P8419 Lenovo $15.00 3 IBM TP T30 Inverter Card REF
26P8442 Lenovo $20.00 2 IBM T30 WIRELESS LAN 802.11B/V.92 REF
26P8464 Lenovo $10.00 2 LCD Inverter IBM ThinkPad T40 T41 T42 26P8464 REF
26P8520 Lenovo $15.00 2 THINKPAD T30 MINI PCI 802.11/V.90 MODEM REF
26P9166 Lenovo $16.00 SOLD IBM TP T23 CPU COOLING FAN REF
27K9951 Lenovo $15.00 1 INVERTER CARD SXGA+ UXGA R50 REF
27K9972 Lenovo $15.00 95 IBM TP T43 Inverter card REF
27K9991 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP X41 LCD INVERTER 12.1 REF
27L0519 Lenovo $12.00 9 IBM CABLE ASM LCD 14.1' THINKPAD 2647 REF
27L0549 Lenovo $12.00 1 IBM TP I1300/1200 13.3" TFT LCD Cable Asm. REF
27L0562 Lenovo $12.00 1 CABLE LCD TPAD T20 13.3" REF
27L0640 Lenovo $12.00 9 LCD CABLE ASSY 14.1 (XGA) T22/T23 REF
27L0705 Lenovo $12.00 3 IBM TP T30 14.1 XGA CABLE ASM REF
27R1921 Lenovo $50.00 1 X40 SBO CEN 1.0GHZ w 256MB RAM 93P4209    REF
31P9831 Lenovo $15.00 1 IBM 256MB PC2700 CL2.5 SODIMM REF
39T0030 Lenovo $12.00 2 INTERPOSER CARD R50 R51 T4x REF
39T0368 Lenovo $15.00 1 IBM 15" XGA/SXGA+ LCD INVERTER CARD THINKPAD R50E/R51E/R52 REF
39T2681 Lenovo $15.00 4 TP T60 T61 DVD-ROM, 9.5MM REF
39T2683 Lenovo $15.00 5 TP T61 Z61 DVD-ROM, 9.5MM REF
39T2685 Lenovo $15.00 1 IBM T61/p DVD/CD-RW combo drive, 9.5 mm PCC (UJDA775 UBSS) REF
39T2705 Lenovo $22.00 1 T60 T60P/R60 HDD 80GB 5400RPM 2.5" SATA 9.5MM REF
39T5578 Lenovo $22.00 4 T61 ThinkPad 11a/b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Adapter REF
39T5699 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP X60/X60S 12.1" INVERTER REF
39T7492 Lenovo $12.00 1 TP T500 W500 SPEAKER ASM REF
39T9895 Lenovo $25.00 1 Fan for R51e (NON ROHS) REF
40Y7696 Lenovo $20.00 6 ThinkPad 65W Ultraportable AC Power Adapter REF
40Y8403 Lenovo $30.00 3 IBM TP T61/p 1GB PC2-5300 CL5 DDR2 SODIMM  40Y8403 REF
41V9756 Lenovo $6.00 200 RUBBER, HDD RAILS REF
41V9930 Lenovo $8.00 7 T60 CARDBUS SLOT REF
41W1027 Lenovo $20.00 8 INTEL PRO WIRELESS 3945ABG LAN ADAPTER T60 REF
41W1478 Lenovo $15.00 31 TP T61 Inverter card (Foxconn) REF
41W1479 Lenovo $15.00 41 T400 Inverter card REF
41W1482 Lenovo $20.00 4 R500 Inverter card REF
41W4855 Lenovo $45.00 1 Lenovo ThinkPad Z61t LCD front bezel without camera, stereo microphones REF
42T0152 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP X60/X60S 12.1" INVERTER REF
42T0484 Lenovo $110.00 2 Lenovo T500 T61 LCD panel, 15.4-in. WXGA 42T0323 REF
42T0488 Lenovo $115.00 6 TP T61 R61 T500  LCD PANEL, 15.4" WSXGA+ REF
42T0510 Lenovo $85.00 1 TP X200/X200x/X201/X201x 12.1" WXGA CCFL BACKLIGHT REF
42T0597 Lenovo $75.00 9 TP T400 T61 LCD PANEL, 14.1" WXGA+ REF
42T0699 Lenovo $85.00 57 LENOVO LCD 14.1 WXGA LED BACKLIGHT FOR T400/R400 NEW
42T0701 Lenovo $85.00 1 T400 R400 14.1" 42T0701 WXGA LED LCD LP141WX5 (TL) (P2) NEW
42T0703 Lenovo $85.00 65 TP T400 R400 14.1 inch WXGA (1280x800) NEW
42T0853 Lenovo $15.00 4 TP T60 X60Intel PRO Wireless 3945ABG PCI Express Mini Card REF
42T0873 Lenovo $30.00 6 LENOVO TP T61 INTEL KEDRON 802.11A/B/G WLAN ADAPTER 4965AGN ( REF
42T0907 Lenovo $22.00 2 TP T61 TURBO MEMORY CARD, 1GB REF
42T0969 Lenovo $15.00 223 TP W500 BLUETOOTH 2.1 ADAPTER FRU REF
42T0991 Lenovo $10.00 2 TP T500 Intel Turbo Memory Minicard, 2GB (half size) REF
42T1465 Lenovo $25.00 1 IBM/LENOVO TP 160GB 7200 RPM SATA 2.5" HDD REF
42T1491 Lenovo $22.00 1 TP T61 HDD, 80GB 5400RPM REF
42T1579 Lenovo $35.00 3 LEN TP 160GB 54K HDD 2.5 INCH SATA REF
42T2501 Lenovo $21.00 2 TP T61 Super Multi-Burner Ultrabay Slim Drive REF
42T2533 Lenovo $15.00 94 THINKPAD R400 DVD DRIVE SATA REF
42T2537 Lenovo $20.00 12 Lenovo ThinkPad DVD Burner Ultrabay Enhanced REF
42T2543 Lenovo $26.00 33 T400 DVD/CD-TRW combo drive, 9.5 mm REF
42T2545 Lenovo $25.00 53 TP DVD+RW CDRW BURNER T500 W500 REF
42T2551 Lenovo $25.00 61 TP T500 W500 DVD-RAM/RW drive, 9.5 mm REF
42T2557 Lenovo $25.00 17 DVD-RAM/RW drive, 9.5 mm for T400 REF
42T2561 Lenovo $25.00 21 THINKPAD R400 DVD DRIVE SATA REF
42T2563 Lenovo $25.00 1 THINKPAD R400 DVD DRIVE SATA REF
42T2596 Lenovo $25.00 1 Lenovo SL500 DVD Unit 42T2596 Multi Burner REF
42T2599 Lenovo $25.00 44 T400 T500 W500 W700 DVD Burner 45N7451 42T2599 REF
42T2603 Lenovo $25.00 10 LENOVO T400S DVD-RAM DRIVE REF
42T3106 Lenovo $12.00 50 TP T400 Integrated camera REF
42T4419 Lenovo $12.00 2 AC ADAPTER, 65W THINKPAD X200 X201 T410 REF
42T4423 Lenovo $12.00 2 AC ADAPTER 65W 20V 2 PIN REF
42T4653 Lenovo $35.00 SOLD TP T61 T400 Battery pack, Li-ion (6 cell, 2.6 Ah) REF
42T4677 Lenovo $35.00 SOLD TP T61 T400 Battery pack, Li-ion (6 cell, 2.6 Ah) REF
42T4678 Lenovo $35.00 SOLD TP T61 T400 Battery pack, Li-ion (6 cell, 2.6 Ah) REF
42W2225 Lenovo $30.00 8 Keyboard bezel assembly (14.1 inch LCD models) 39T7461 REF
42W2442 Lenovo $12.00 1 TP T61 LCD cover kit with IBM logo REF
42W2451 Lenovo $12.00 13 TP T61 HINGE, PAIR 14.1 WIDE REF
42W2464 Lenovo $12.00 25 TP T61 BEZEL, KEYBOARD 44C0506 REF
42W2488 Lenovo $22.00 35 MAGNESIUM STRUCTURE FRAME T61- 14.1 REF
42W2492 Lenovo $22.00 SOLD TP R61 Magnesium structure frame REF
42W2496 Lenovo $12.00 1 TP T61 COVER, HDD 14.1 44C4810 REF
42W2501 Lenovo $18.00 19 TP T61 14.1 STRUCTURE FRAME, LCD REF
42W2535 Lenovo $15.00 1 IBM Lenovo X60 X61 Tablet LCD Top Cover REF
42W2609 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP T61 HDD Cover 15.4 LCD REF
42W2676 Lenovo $28.00 1 TP R61 FAN, THERMAL DEVICE REF
42W3436 Lenovo $12.00 85 T400 PC Card/ExpressCard slot REF
42W3660 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP T61 KB BEZEL 15.4 INCH MODELS REF
42W3690 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP T61 15.4 COVER, BASE-6457 45N4004 REF
42W3691 Lenovo $15.00 1 LENOVO TP T61/P Base cover assembly for 6458 REF
42W3692 Lenovo $15.00 1 Base cover assembly for 6459 REF
42W3697 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP T61 Base cover assembly for 6463 45N4011 REF
42W3699 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP T61 Base cover assembly for 6465- 45N4013 REF
42W7655 Lenovo $25.00 2 LENOVO TP T61 T7300 (2.0 GHz) Core 2 Duo SLA45 800FSB 4MB CACHE REF
42W7988 Lenovo $30.00 1 INTEL CORE2 DUO  T9600 2.8Ghz SLB47 REF
42W8052 Lenovo $20.00 2 TP X200 TAB LCD INVERTER REF
42W8084 Lenovo $15.00 3 TP X200 TAB MICRO PROCESSOR CARD REF
42W8131 Lenovo $165.00 4 TP T500 W500 System board assembly, AMD M86 256 MB, AMT 63Y1433 REF
42W8194 Lenovo $32.00 4 CPU assembly, Intel Core 2 Duo processor P8700 (2.53 GHz) SLGFE REF
42W8229 Lenovo $15.00 121 TP T400 R400 LED SUB CARD REF
42W8231 Lenovo $15.00 151 TP T400 R400 LED sub card REF
42W8287 Lenovo $20.00 2 INTEL CORE2 DUO P8600 SLGFD 2.40 REF
42W8289 Lenovo $25.00 1 Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T9400 6M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB SLG REF
42X3802 Lenovo $22.00 1 Keyboard Bezel Palmrest X61 X60 REF
42X3832 Lenovo $12.00 30 TP T61 T400 R61 R400 ExpressCard/Smart Card slot REF
42X3915 Lenovo $12.00 1 TP T61 LCD magnesium structure frame REF
42X3916 Lenovo $22.00 1 LENOVO T61 15.4 LCD STRUCTURE FRAME REF
42X3919 Lenovo $12.00 2 T500 W500 SIM card slot REF
42X4811 Lenovo $12.00 1 T500 W500 LCD REAR Cover Lid REF
42X4840 Lenovo $12.00 4 TP T400/R400 MAGNESIUM STRUCTURE FRAME REF
42X4843 Lenovo $12.00 39 LENOVO T400 KEYBOARD BEZEL REF
42X4854 Lenovo $12.00 4 TP R400 STRUCTURE FRAME REF
42X4993 Lenovo $12.00 SOLD ExpressCard/7-in-1 Media Card Reader slot REF
42X5063 Lenovo $30.00 1 T400 Thermal device and fan (Integrated graphics) REF
42X5065 Lenovo $15.00 9 Thermal device and fan (Integrated graphics) UBE for R400 REF
42X5088 Lenovo $15.00 1 T400 CPU FAN/Heatsink 42X5088 42X5089 REF
42X5115 Lenovo $15.00 4 TP T500/W500 HEATSINK/FAN ASSY REF
43Y6477 Lenovo $25.00 2 TP X201 X301 Ericsson F3507g USA - Wireless WAN card REF
43Y6493 Lenovo $12.00 44 LENOVO T400 INTEL WIFI LINK 5100 43Y6461 REF
43Y6495 Lenovo $20.00 18 WLAN INTEL 5300 CARD W500 X200 X301 REF
43Y6517 Lenovo $25.00 SOLD Lenovo 512AN MMW 5100 Half Mini Pci-e WLAN Card REF
43Y6523 Lenovo $18.00 5 Intel Turbo Memory Minicard, 2GB (half size) 42T0991 ROBSON CARD REF
43Y6553 Lenovo $20.00 1 ThinkPad 11b/g/n Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Express Adapter II 60Y3177 REF
43Y9640 Lenovo $22.00 2 T400 LCD bezel assembly without camera REF
43Y9643 Lenovo $15.00 162 TP R400 T400 LCD Hinges REF
43Y9645 Lenovo $15.00 1 T400 LCD magnesium structure frame assembly REF
43Y9651 Lenovo $12.00 74 TP T400 Keyboard bezel assembly REF
43Y9652 Lenovo $22.00 38 Magnesium structure frame (T400) REF
43Y9653 Lenovo $22.00 15 LENOVO R400 Series Magnesium Frame REF
43Y9654 Lenovo $12.00 359 T400 HDD COVER W/ SCREW REF
43Y9664 Lenovo $22.00 1 TP T400 Base cover assembly for 6474 REF
43Y9678 Lenovo $15.00 8 R400 7439 HDD Cover REF
43Y9973 Lenovo $175.00 1 TP X301 SU9400 1.4GHz SYSTEM BOARD 43Y9973 60Y3785 63Y1308 REF
43Y9992 Lenovo $105.00 1 TP T500 System board assembly, AMD M86 256 MB, non-AMT, TPM 63Y142 REF
44C0670 Lenovo $22.00 3 TP R500 Palm rest assembly with fingerprint reader   REF
44C0825 Lenovo $22.00 1 TP T61 14.1 Thermal device and fan (Integrated) UBS for T series REF
44C0826 Lenovo $22.00 1 TP T61 Heatsink And Fan ASM REF
44C2011 Lenovo $15.00 12 TP T500 LCD cable assembly 15.4"WSXGA+,+BT,+CAM REF
44C2541 Lenovo $22.00 1 LCD Cable REF
44C5362 Lenovo $20.00 22 TP T400 CABLE, LCD W/CAMERA & BT REF
44C5363 Lenovo $16.00 466 T400 LCD cable assembly without camera, with Bluetooth REF
44C5385 Lenovo $15.00 3 TP T500 W500 LCD cable assembly REF
44C9555 Lenovo $15.00 1 X200 DIMM COVER REF
44C9559 Lenovo $22.00 1 TP X200 Base cover assembly REF
44C9562 Lenovo $22.00 1 TP X200 Base cover assembly REF
44C9567 Lenovo $12.00 3 TP R500 LCD Cover Kit REF
44C9568 Lenovo $25.00 2 TP R500 LCD bezel assembly REF
44C9572 Lenovo $24.00 4 R500 Structure Frame REF
44C9573 Lenovo $15.00 4 R500 HDD Cover REF
44C9909 Lenovo $22.00 2 X200 CCFL-backlight LCD cable asm w/ Bluetooth connector, w/ camera REF
44C9983 Lenovo $15.00 9 TP T400S LCD CABLE WXGA+ REF
45M2613 Lenovo $22.00 64 TP R400 T400 LCD magnesium structure frame assembly REF
45M2653 Lenovo $20.00 5  T400S T410S LCD front bezel 45M2653 REF
45M2654 Lenovo $12.00 9 T400S T410S Series laptop LCD set Hinges REF
45M2671 Lenovo $25.00 2 TP T400S HDD COVER ASM + DIMM COVER REF
45M2722 Lenovo $35.00 1 TP T410 Fan assembly, discrete REF
45M2773 Lenovo $15.00 2 LENOVO TP T400S/T410S LED BOARD REF
45N0122 Lenovo $20.00 2 X120 65W 20V 2-PIN AC ADAPTER REF
45N0312 Lenovo $25.00 1 TP T410 Liteon 90W 2pin AC ADAPTER REF
45N3128 Lenovo $20.00 2 Lenovo Thinkpad X200 Tablet X200t Palmrest REF
45N3135 Lenovo $15.00 2 X200 TABLET HDD COVER W/ SCREW REF
45N3831 Lenovo $28.00 5 TP W500 FRAME, STRUCTURE REF
45N4825 Lenovo $125.00 2 Lenovo ThinkPad T400 Replacement 14.1 WXGA LCD Complete Assembly REF
45N5492 Lenovo $15.00 10 TP T500 W500 Thermal device and fan (Discrete) REF
45N5499 Lenovo $15.00 23 TP T500 W500 Keyboard bezel assembly REF
45N5612 Lenovo $12.00 69 Lenovo Thinkpad R400 Cooling Fan Heatsink REF
45N5614 Lenovo $12.00 10 Lenovo Thinkpad R400 Cooling Fan Heatsink REF
45N5711 Lenovo $15.00 1 TP T400 FAN, THERMAL DEVICE REF
45N5857 Lenovo $20.00 39 TP R400 T400 LCD bezel assembly without camera REF
45N5858 Lenovo $25.00 9 TP T400 LCD bezel assembly with camera for LED-backlight LCD REF
45N5859 Lenovo $12.00 20 TP T400 R400 LCD bezel assembly without camera for LED-backlight LCD REF
45N6140 Lenovo $15.00 12 TP T400 Thermal device and fan (Integrated graphics) REF
45N6142 Lenovo $22.00 45 Thinkpad T400 R400 Fan Heatsink 45N6142 45N6143 REF
45N6144 Lenovo $15.00 2 TP T400 HEATSINK FAN ASM REF
45N6146 Lenovo $15.00 3 TP T400 FAN, THERMAL DEVICE REF
45N7451 Lenovo $22.00 10 DVD-RAM/RW drive REF
45N7453 Lenovo $22.00 5 DVDRW SATA SLIM THINKPAD T410,X200,X201,T400s,T410s,T410si REF
45N7457 Lenovo $22.00 2 Lenovo T400S T410 T410S T410SI DVD-RW SATA Burner Multi IV Disk Drive REF
45N7483 Lenovo $12.00 19 TP R400 DVD-ROM X8 12mm REF
60Y3231 Lenovo $35.00 2 TP T510 Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 WIRELESS CARD REF
60Y3263 Lenovo $75.00 3 Lenovo Gobi2000 3G WI FI WWAN Card GPS 60Y3263 60Y3183 REF
60Y3879 Lenovo $155.00 1 TP  X200 TABLET SL9400 (1.86GHz) MOTHERBOARD SYSTEMBOARD REF
60Y4609 Lenovo $12.00 3 LENOVO X200 X201 Tablet hinge REF
60Y4616 Lenovo $15.00 3 THINKPAD X200 12.1" WXGA LED LCD CABLE REF
60Y4680 Lenovo $12.00 2 X200 Tablet LCD Rear Cover REF
60Y4871 Lenovo $12.00 9 TP T400S BASE COVER ASM 2815 REF
60Y5462 Lenovo $22.00 4 TP T410 LCD rear cover assembly REF
60Y5464 Lenovo $20.00 4 TP T410 LCD bezel assembly REF
60Y5471 Lenovo $25.00 1 TP T410 Base cover assembly REF
60Y5472 Lenovo $20.00 5 TP T410 Magnesium structure frame assembly REF
60Y5484 Lenovo $20.00 1 T510 HINGE KIT REF
60Y5496 Lenovo $22.00 1 TP T510 Magnesium structure frame REF
60Y5500 Lenovo $20.00 1 T510 Hard disk drive cover REF
60Y5610 Lenovo $22.00 11 T410s T400s T410si Top LCD Rear Cover REF
60Y9402 Lenovo $12.00 1 INTEGRATED CAMERA REF
63Y1076 Lenovo $88.00 2 PLANAR, 1.86GHZ SL9400 for ThinkPad X200s REF
63Y1487 Lenovo $110.00 1 T410 T410i System board assembly, discrete graphics 256 MB, iAMT, non-T REF
73P3842 Lenovo $12.00 8 ThinkPad T43 R52 512MB PC2-4200 CL4 DDR2 SODIMM REF
73P3843 Lenovo $12.00 24 512MB PC2-4200 NP DDR2 SDRAM SODIMM MEMO REF
75Y4510 Lenovo $25.00 2 TP T410 HDD cover kit REF
75Y5117 Lenovo $23.00 1 TP DVD R400 8X SATA 12.7mm Optiarc DVD REF
91P6786 Lenovo $12.00 10 IBM TP T40 T41 XGA TFT 14.1 LCD Cable REF
91P6787 Lenovo $12.00 3 IBM TP  T40-T42 LCD CABLE ASSY 14.1 (SXGA) REF
91P6792 Lenovo $12.00 1 TP G-40 15.0" XGA LCD CABLE REF
91P6801 Lenovo $12.00 2 TP R40e LCD Cable assembly (14in XGA, not wireless 20P) w/o Thinklight) REF
91P6846 Lenovo $12.00 1 IBM ThinkPad G40 14.1" XGA LCD Cable 91P6846 REF
91P6858 Lenovo $15.00 1 IBM TP T42p LCD cable assembly UXGA REF
91P6941 Lenovo $12.00 108 TP T43 XGA LCD CABLE 91P6889 REF
91P6942 Lenovo $12.00 31 TP T43 SXGA+ LCD CABLE 91P6890 REF
91P6947 Lenovo $12.00 1 IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T60 14.1 LCD Video Cable REF
91P6984 Lenovo $12.00 11 T60 SXGA+ LCD cable assembly with Bluetooth (14.1in)   REF
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